ChronoDivers Watches

ChronoDivers is a UK Microbrand producing high quality, affordable Dive Watches powered by Seiko SII NH35A movements

Value for Money Dive Watches

ChronoDivers is a small family run UK microbrand specialising in the production of affordable, quality, value for money divers watches. Final assembly of all watches is undertaken in Norfolk by the business owner and founder. A collection of water resistant timepieces – most in the style of classic dive watches – all from just £99. All our watches strike the ideal equilibrium between cost-effectiveness and excellence. When you buy direct from ChronoDivers there’s no middlemen, no store rent, no sales commission – only amazing value for money.

DIRECT SALES – ChronoDivers Own Brand

ChronoDivers CD200SKX7 Divers Watch on black silicone watch strap
ChronoDivers CD200SKX7 with black ceramic bezel £99

ChronoDivers primary focus is the DIRECT SALE of our own brand products to UK customers from our ONLINE STORE. A range of affordable water resistant Seiko powered watches (Sii NH35A) – mostly in the classic “Divers Watch” style. Currently we have 4 designs from a Seiko SKX homage to our own take on the Submariner Kermit and Smurf. Our latest offering is a WW2 Dirty Dozen tribute with a domed sapphire crystal, ceramic bezel the distinctive Broad Arrow found on Army Issue products.

All our products are powered by the bomb proof Seiko NH35A automatic movement. Excellent value for money watches with sapphire crystal, 40 hour power reserve and 316L marine steel casings. ChronoDivers watches can be worn day in day out – whatever you’re doing: cycling, swimming, running etc. a true “DAILY WEARER”.

Guaranteed Water Resistant : All our watches are static pressure tested to 200m (20 Bar). In horological terms this means they can be worn for scuba diving / free diving. However – in our opinion – static testing is not representative of real world conditions. For this reason, we guarantee all our watches for swimming, snorkelling, sailing, surfing etc. – but NOT scuba diving.

Overview of the ChronoDivers Watches

In 2023 we made the bold and exciting decision to sell our own brand of watches. Our aim was to produce affordable water resistant (swim proof) watches constructed from quality components like the Seiko NH35A movement, ceramic bezels and sapphire crystal.

Kermit & Smurf Homage £99

The team at ChronoDivers had a vote to determine which classic dive watches should inspire the next range. TWO watches received a great deal of support – the Rolex Submariner – in particular the Submariner Smurf & Kermit and the iconic Seiko SKX range. Rather than make a direct homage to the Smurf and Kermit we decided to step outside the box and combine TWO iconic timepieces in to ONE watch. The result – the ChronoDivers CD200Smurf and CD200Kermit. More about the ChronoDivers CD200 Smurf and CD200 Kermit.

Submariner Homage £99

Conduct a poll of dive watch enthusiasts asking them to name their Top 3 timepieces of all time and the chances are these THREE watches will be included. The Rolex Submariner – the Seiko 62MAS and the Seiko Turtle. ChronoDivers have taken these three classic watches and put all their best attributes in ONE watch – the ChronoDivers CDSUB200. With prices starting at just £99 we think you’ll agree this watch offers amazing value for money. All our watches are SEIKO powered and water resistant for surface swimming.

Affordable quality - the ChronoDivers CDSUB200 dive watch for under £100 - more examples of good quality, low cost dive watches.

Seiko SKX Homage £99

We’ve been wanting to do this for years – and now we have. This is a quality homage to the Seiko SKX009 and Seiko SKX007. We’ve used marine grade 316L stainless steel, a scratch resistant sapphire glass, super bright C3 lume on hands and indexes and a reliable Seiko NH35A automatic movement. We’ve called it the ChronoDivers CD200SKX and it’s available now – an affordable, quality homage to the Seiko SKX – prices from £99

300m Army Dive Watch £99

The CDMD300 is another affordable timepiece designed by the team at ChronoDivers. Our goal was to produce a classically styled timepiece in the style of a Military Diver’s Watch. The “Broad Arrow” found on the dial above the 6 o’clock was used to depict items that belonged to, or were endorsed by, the British Army. For just £99 we have produced a quality water resistant dive watch featuring a Ceramic Bezel, Sapphire AR coated crystal, Seiko NH35A movement and BGW9 Lume on the hands. More about the ChronoDivers CDMD300 Military Dive Watch here.

NEW - the ChronoDivers CDMD300 Military Diver's Watch. From just £105 - two more good quality dive watches at a budget price.

LUXURY Watch Showroom

Welcome to our Luxury Watch Showroom – the ultimate destination for luxury timepieces sourced exclusively from trusted sellers across the UK. With a commitment to excellence and authenticity, we pride ourselves on curating a collection that embodies the pinnacle of horological craftsmanship. From iconic brands like Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Blancpain, and beyond.

Pre-Owned Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Ref
Pre-Owned Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Ref

A stunning full set example of a pre-owned Omega Seamaster Diver 300m REF for just £2,995. This offering comprises a comprehensive package, including the watch …

TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300 Night Diver
TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300 Night Diver

Introducing the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 Night Diver Calibre 5, a distinguished addition to any watch collection. This watch is available now for £1,900. Acquired as pa…

Rolex Explorer II 216570 – White Dial
Rolex Explorer II 216570 – White Dial

Introducing a superb pre-owned stainless steel Rolex Explorer II (216570) with a 42mm case size, meticulously crafted to perfection. This stunning example is available now for £8,9…


FREE Watch Finder Service. Just tell us which watch you are looking for and we will do our best to find it - FREE

Let ChronoDivers FIND your NEXT WATCH – we have access to stock from several leading UK specialists. If you are searching for a hard to find luxury dive watch please get in touch. We can help locate one at NO COST to YOU.

Using our inside contacts we get a “heads up” on many watches before they go on the public market. Every watch is guaranteed genuine and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. This service is 100% free – we get a small commission from the seller

eBay Authenticity Guarantee

If you are visiting Chronodivers today with the view to buying a Luxury Swiss Dive Watch for over £1,500STOP HERE. Please take a minute to discover the benefits of purchasing a watch from eBay under their Authenticity Guarantee scheme. We have more details and a video on the scheme here – the eBay Authenticity Guarantee. All luxury Watches sold with this Guarantee are Certified 100% Authentic by a third party test house. What is the eBay Authenticity Guarantee and can you trust it when purchasing a luxury watch?

eBay Athenticity Guarantee for watches explained. What it means to shoppers. Is it FREE and can you trust it when purchasing an expensive watch.

*ChronoDivers are affiliated to the EPN (eBay Partners Network). The website owner may earn commission on resulting sales

Dive Watch News

A summary of the latest diving watch news and new product releases from all the leading brands. If you would like a product or news story to be featured here please contact us with details. If it’s of interest to our visitors – we will gladly publish it here

ChronoDivers Watch goes on SAFARI
ChronoDivers Watch goes on SAFARI

A customer of ChronoDivers bought a CD200SKX7 in October 2023. The reason behind the purchase was the need for an affordable, reliable, mechanical watch to accompany him and his wi…

SILVER hand CD200SKX watches
SILVER hand CD200SKX watches

When we designed the original ChronoDivers CD200SKX – an homage to the Seiko SKX classic divers watch – we wanted to do something a little different. That’s why w… - Dive Watches from around the World
ChronoDivers International

ChronoDivers operates TWO websites. This one for UK visitors looking to PURCHASE the ChronoDivers own brand dive watches. The other is – our INTERNATIONAL we…


What watches do real divers use?

For recreational divers – not exceeding more than a few metres – these timepieces are perfect for timing the dive and, in the case of a handful of models, monitoring the depth (Citizen Aqualand, Casio Frogman etc). Professional divers use the type of watches featured here as a BACK UP only. Professional divers make us of the advanced dive computers produced by companies like Suunto, Garmin and Shearwater

Is a dive watch a good everyday watch?

Absolutely. Diving watches are designed to be both an underwater tool and an everyday wearer. Most modern watches feature an accurate automatic (self winding) movement and a scratch resistant glass. This means the watch is both robust enough for physical jobs (building, gardening etc) and also accurate. A nice timepiece can look just as at home on a building site as it can in the boardroom.

Diving watches are popular as they offer value for money, longevity and years of trouble free timekeeping. Certain brands such as Rolex have become, unfortunately, a bit of an investment item. However – this is not a practice ChronoDivers endorse as it a) isn’t guaranteed and b) these watches are MADE TO BE WORN !!!! not stuffed away in a bank vault.

Do divers actually use these watches?

Yes – divers do wear this style of watch – maybe not as much as they dive 20 years ago – but they still do. A dive watch is a popular backup tool for many professional divers. Knowing how long a diver has been underwater is a critical factor in safe diving.

What is the purpose of a Dive Time Bezel?

One thing a vast majority of watches featured here have is a rotating bezel with markers laid out every 5 minutes going from 12 o’clock ZERO to 11 o’clock 55 minutes. Most of these bezels are UNI-DIRECTIONAL meaning they can only rotate in one direction to prevent accidental alteration while diving. Using these bezels while diving is simple. At the start of the dive rotate the TOP ARROW in line with the minute hand. As the time passes the elapsed dive time can be read from the bezel. Basically it’s a count-up timer.

Why is the first section of the bezel a different colour?

The reason why most bezels are a different colour at 15 or 20 minutes is because that is normally perceived as the “half time” point of the dive. Most recreational dives are around 30 to 40 minutes on average. Once the minute hand moves in to the second colour band, it’s time to slowly ascend.