About ChronoDivers

The Business

ChronoDivers™ is the registered Trademark of Tristan Haskins. (more details here IPO.GOV.uk). It’s use as a brand name on watches and related items is prohibited in UK law.

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The Founder

ChronoDivers is a small family run UK microbrand specialising in the production of low cost – good quality divers watches. Final assembly of all watches is undertaken in Norfolk by the business owner and founder – Tristan Haskins. Tristan has been interested in watches since he was a young lad. His passion specifically in Dive Watches led to the creation of this business in 2019. Every watch sold by ChronoDivers is personally quality checked by Tristan before behind despatched to the customer.

How are these watches SO CHEAP

There is no big secret to the pricing of ChronoDivers watches – we sell DIRECT. Selling direct to our customers cuts out all the additional costs incurred by a third party sales platform. We don’t have a fancy showroom, marketing team etc. just family members helping Tristan get your Seiko powered watch to you at the lowest price.

Guaranteed Water Resistant : All our watches are static pressure tested to 200m (20 Bar). In horological terms this means they can be worn for scuba diving / free diving. However – in our opinion – static testing is not representative of real world conditions. For this reason, we guarantee all our watches for swimming, snorkelling, sailing, surfing etc. – but NOT scuba diving.

Tristan’s Personal Collection of Dive Watches

In his own words …

I’ve been lucky enough to own some lovely watches over the last few years including an Omega Speedmaster Michael Schumacher Ltd Edition and a Breitling Airwolf. I only keep my watches for as long as I keep wearing them. As soon as they start gathering dust under my bed, it’s time to move them on. Below is my current collection of Dive Watches (naturally – there’s few ChronoDiver’s watches missing here).

Tristan Haskins
About ChronoDivers.com

Going from LEFT to RIGHT we have

  • Citizen Eco-Drive Divers 200m
  • Bremont Supermarine 500m – my favourite by a LONG WAY
  • Seiko Kinetic Divers 200m