About ChronoDivers.com

ChronoDivers™ is the registered Trademark of Tristan Haskins. (more details here IPO.GOV.uk). It’s use as a brand name on watches and related items is prohibited in UK law.

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About me

ChronoDivers.com is a website managed by myself – Tristan Haskins. My day job is working as an SEO consultant – ensuring websites ranking performance in Google and other search engines. In 1999 I started the website business HeartRateMonitor.co.uk selling and promoting fitness monitors from rands such as Timex, Suunto, Polar and Garmin. In 2014 I rebranded the website – CardioCritic.com focusing on REVIEWS rather than sales. I sold CardioCritic.com in 2017 and started work on some new website projects.

I have been interested in watches since I was a small lad. I have a passion and keen interest in the advancements in technology that go in to the timepieces we wear on our wrists – too often taken for granted.

My Collection of Dive Watches

I’ve been lucky enough to own some lovely watches over the last few years including an Omega Speedmaster Michael Schumacher Ltd Edition and a Breitling Airwolf. I only keep my watches for as long as I keep wearing them. As soon as they start gathering dust under my bed, it’s time to move them on. Below is my current collection of Dive Watches

Going from LEFT to RIGHT we have

More to come

I will be adding loads more content, brand information and hands on personal reviews in the coming months. If you have any questions for me – please use the contact me form here