DIY Watch Club Review – Building a DWC Watch

Build Your Own divers watch - the DIY Watch Club reviewed by ChronoDivers

If you are a fan of watches what could be better than Building Your Own Watch. Not just any watch but a 200m water resistant Diver’s Watch. The easiest way to do this is with a watch building kit from the DIY Watch Club. We present a first hand review of the DWC process as I build a DWC D03 (GMT Batman). Everything is included from case (with crystal in place), to hands, dial, strap and all the necessary tools. This is our journey with the DWC in words and pictures.

DIY Watch Club are an enthusiastic micro brand working out of Hong Kong. The watch I built for the review was the GMT Batman Diver. I chronicled the build experience over 4 videos. For more details read my DIY Watch Club review. If you want to build your own watch – use the promotion code CHRONODIVERS for 5% OFF at the DWC checkout.

Supporting the Amateur Watchmaker

Everything about the product from their representation on their website, to the product photos and technical specifications shouts “QUALITY”. The best thing with DWC is their support and their highly informative instructional videos. When you buy a watch from DIY Watch Club you can rest assured you are not alone on your journey to become a WATCHMAKER. A mission of ChronoDivers is to bring our visitors the very best dive watches – with the DWC watches that’s precisely what you’re getting.

A Range of DIY Watches to Build

The galleries below are just a teaser of the huge selection of watch kits available from DWC. Their products are split primarily in to 4 product lines. For fans of the outdoors they provide a range of Dive and Expedition watches. For the customer looking to reproduce the class and style of the vintage dress watches like the Omega Geneve and De Ville they have the Mosel collection.

If taking flight is your thing then they have their range of Pilot watches resembling the original Laco Type A aviator’s watch. And for something completely unique DWC have their Skeleton watch kits with a see through exhibition dial and case-back.

Diver & Expedition watch kits (incl GMT)

The GMT Batman I selected comes from their range of DIVERS and EXPEDITION watches. These watches have a design style all of their own with hints of classic watches embedded in their DNA. Think iconic timepieces like the Rolex Explorer and GMT Master and the Tudor Black Bay and Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean. But don’t view this range as mere homage watches – far from it. A majority of these watches feature Seiko movements such as the NH24 and NH35 – providing robust and accurate time keeping for years to come.

Vintage Style Dress Watch – DWC Mosel

My grandfather had a beautiful Omega De Ville. A classic watch with simple, clean lines that somehow exude good taste and success. The DWC Mosel collection mirrors those vintage classic dress watches with styling cues taken from vintage icons like the Omega De Ville and Omega Geneve

DWC Pilot’s Watch – Aviators Timepiece

A pilot’s watch has to feature a clean and uncluttered dial. A split second glance at the watch and the pilot should be able to check the time instantly. The DWC range of Pilot’s watches do precisely that. This style of watch goes back to the earliest aviators of WWII who wore classics like the Laco Type A. A deep black non-reflective dial with contrasting white hands and high lume on indexes & hands.

The images below give an idea of the watchmaking journey and the tools provided. I didn’t need to use ANY of my own tools when building the GMT Diver Watch. The hardest part of the experience for me was putting the minute and second hand on. That said – my eyesight isn’t great and shake a little excessively when concentrating on fine hand work.

Buy a DWC DIY Watchmaking Kit 🛒

If you’ve already realised that you need to start building your own watch – please use the button below to visit DWC directly. Use the promotion code CHRONODIVERS for 5% OFF at checkout. If you want to find out more and learn from my own watch building experience – carry on reading ….

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Review of the DIY Watch Club experience

From the perspective of a review for the first time watchmaker we’d give the DIY Watch Club a strong 9/10Five Stars. The quality of the product was exceptional, from the NH35A movement, to the case, the sapphire crystal and the silicone diver’s strap. Not only that, but the tools were all of an equal quality. Add to that the detailed videos and what we have is an extremely attractive package with nothing omitted or cut back on.

Watch the Video – TWICE

All the images below were taken during the build process. Remember that DWC give their customers’ access to a wealth of instructional videos. Every minute of the production process is covered in detail on these videos. I’d recommend > WATCH the video > look at the watch kit and fully understand the instruction > WATCH the video AGAIN > now perform the task in hand.

Was it easy building the DWC Batman

Was it easy building this DWC GMT Batman? – NO. Was it hard? – NO. It was an enjoyable, moderately challenging experience and something I certainly hope to do again in the near future. I think if I had not been playing with the camera half the time and focused more on the job in hand it would have been a lot less stressful.

I have no experience building a brand new watch. I have tinkered with and more often than not broken old watches while attempting to modify or repair them. This was my first attempt constructing a watch from the key component parts. The whole process took me most of the day – HOWEVER – because I was videoing the experience it took far longer than it should have. The actual time spent just following the DWC videos and repeating the process on my own watch kit was LESS THAN 3 hours.

Buy your DIY Watch Kit today

To find out more about the DIY Watch Club please press the button below.

Use the promotion code CHRONODIVERS for 5% OFF at checkout.

Did I make any mistakes

Yes – but nothing that required more than repeating a step and doing it over – this time properly. I cannot blame DWC or their videos in any way – I was simply getting ahead of myself. Also – my hands are a little bit too shaky and my eyesight is far from 20/20 vision. The whole process would have been less stressful if I had watched a couple of the videos more than just once.

I’d recommend – WATCH > VISUALIZE (with the parts in front of you) > WATCH AGAIN > ASSEMBLE. Repeat this loop of watch – visualize – watch again – assemble for all the video steps.

My Watch building experience on Video

This is the FAST FORWARDED version of the videos. I have a PLAYLIST of ALL 4 detailed videos here. Please remember I am NOT a watchmaker – this was done as a Hobbyist having fun. Please LIKE and SHARE if you think it’s helped you understand the process

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DWC D03 Divers Watch Technical Specification

The technical specification below illustrates the quality of components that go in to these watches. Sapphire crystal, unidirectional click lock bezel, Superlume hands with C2 lume on the GMT hand etc. When we saw the specification of these watches we just had to get involved.

Watch Case: DWC Diver series 41mm 316L stainless steel case (Sapphire Dome / Top Hat Double Dome Sapphire Crystal Available) – 20 ATM / 200m
Case Back:Exhibition case back (Mineral Crystal)
Chapter Ring: CR-01-NH Black chapter ring with white marking (TMI NH Series)
Holder:MH-DI-NH (TMI NH Series)
Bezel:Silver Classic thin profile bezel
Click Spring:unidirectional 120-click
Bezel Insert:Diver Ceramic Batman GMT Bezel Insert (Black & Blue – Type B)
Crown: CN-DI-01 Screw-down dive watch crown (Stem pre-assembled for TMI NH Series)
Watch dial:DWC D03 GMT Sandwich Dial 
(Japan BGW9 Superlume)
Hands:Silver Diver Hands with Japan BGW9 Superlume (TMI NH Series) 
Orange GMT hand (24 hours hand) with C2 lume
Movement:TMI NH34 GMT movement by Seiko
Strap:DWC Black FKM Rubber Strap 22mm

ChronoDivers Dive Watch Collection

ChronoDivers aim was to produce a range of affordable dive watches encompassing quality and value for money. Every one of the ChronoDivers diver’s watches is powered by the bomb proof, super reliable Seiko NH35A automatic movement. They all includes features only normally found in more expensive brands like Sapphire crystals and 316L marine grade stainless cases with screwdown caseback and crowns. All ChronoDivers watches feature C3 lume on watch hands and all but the CD200SKX9 (Pepsi) feature Ceramic bezels. All this from JUST £99 – how? Because we sell DIRECT to the customer.