Seiko Prospex HELLY HANSEN Limited Edition

Helly Hansen is an outdoor brand founded in Norway in 1877. For more than 140 years since its founding, we have pursued waterproof technology and developed innovative products that can coexist while confronting nature. Over its long history, Prospex and Helly Hansen have continued to evolve while being tempered by the earth and nature, and have earned high praise and trust from professionals working in harsh environments around the world.

Under the name of “Save the Ocean” by Prospex and “H2O PROJECT” by Helly Hansen,
we are conducting environmental conservation activities to leave a rich ocean for future generations.

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Products with high functionality backed by technology, attitude towards manufacturing professional tools, and thoughts on the global environment.
The collaboration between the two brands, which have many commonalities and affinities, has come true.

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Origins of this design – 1970 Seiko

Released in 1970, the diver’s watch, which features a unique streamlined form, was carried by adventurer Naomi Uemura on a 12,000km dog sled trip in the Arctic Circle from 1974 to 1976. High reliability has been demonstrated. While reproducing the original form of the case, the water resistance has been increased from 150m to 200m for air diving, and the glass material has been upgraded from inorganic glass to sapphire glass. Helly Hansen strongly sympathized with the story and functionality of this model, and was adopted as the base model this time.

The ORIGINAL Seiko Turtle - the catalyst for this Helly Hansen model