NATO style watch strap in Omega Red, White and Blue


FREE UK DELIVERY. A high quality ballistic nylon NATO style watch strap in the OMEGA red, white and blue colours. This strap features 3 x red stripes, two white and a thin blue piping down the sides. This watch strap is available in only 22mm width (lug to lug) with 3 x brushed steel buckles (2 above and 1 below the watch)

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A high quality 22mm NATO watch strap (ballistic nylon) in popular Omega colours – Red, White & Blue. These straps are suitable for any watch with a 22mm lug to lug width. These are most popular fitted to Omega Planet Ocean dive watches (but please check LUG width as many Omega have 20mm lug to lug). However, as you can see in the photos – they look great on any watch (shown on a Bremont Supermarine S500 and my Seiko SKX009 Pepsi). They are also compatible with most of the Seiko Prospex, Citizen Promaster, Breitling Superocean and Tudor Black Bay dive watches.
All the straps we sell are of the highest quality, made from a soft yet very strong nylon 1.4mm thick. The buckles are fabricated from a high grade brushed steel. All holes and endings are heat sealed to prevent fraying.
  • Length (in total excluding end buckle) – 28cm / 11 inches
  • 13 pre-made (heat sealed) holes
  • Will fit wrists from 15.5cm to 22cm
  • Width – 22mm
  • Buckles – 2 above and 1 below (please refer to photos)
  • High quality stitching and brushed steel
NATO straps / G10 straps are favoured by the military, sports people and other active outdoor types because of the ONE PIECE strap design. If one of the watch’s spring bars fail the watch won’t actually fall from the wrist. It should remain attached to the strap by the one remaining spring bar. If a spring bar fails on a TWO piece strap – it’s bye bye Bremont

Will it fit your watch

This strap is 22mm wide. If you don’t know the width of your lugs measure them with a ruler or even better some digital calipers. Measure from LUG to LUG – the area where the strap sits housing the spring bars. 22mm is a VERY COMMON width for men’s watches.

Important – FITTING instructions

On some watches where the gap between the spring bar and watch case is LESS than 1.5mm (about the thickness of the strap) it may be necessary to pop the spring bars out to fit the strap. Normally it is simply a case of sliding the strap under the two spring bars. However, if the gap is too tight you will have to remove the spring bars, position the strap, and refit the spring bars. If you FORCE the strap between the gap it is possible to damage the heat sealed holes. If in doubt – REMOVE the spring bars to install the strap. If the strap slides in without too much resitance that’s fine, no need to remove the bars, just pull it slowly through

NOTE – for customers outside the UK please use our INTERNATIONAL shipping option on our eBay site. We can ship to most of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia etc.

Additional information

Weight .02 g
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22mm, 24mm


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