Seiko SKX009 / SKX007 Spring Bars – Fat Boy style for Seiko Dive watches


Double shoulder 20mm or 22mm wide (width between case lugs) high quality, heavy duty, 2.5mm thick spring bars. This product is great for owners of Seiko SKX009, SKX007 etc. It will fit Seiko cases starting with 7S26, 7002, 6306 & 6309. The pip on these bars is a larger than normal 1.1mm (most spring bars are 0.8mm). These spring bars are normally installed on outdoor adventure watches and dive watches – in particular Seiko dive watches.


When we started ChronoDivers website we realised there were some products that enthusiasts simply couldn’t find. One such item were Spring Bars for the Seiko SKX009 and SKX007 dive watches and a majority of other Seiko Prospex Dive watches. These spring bars have a 2.5mm external diameter and significantly a 1.1mm pip / pivot point at the end. These HEAVY DUTY spring bars – oftern referred to as Seiko FAT BOY bars – are available in both 20mm (small) and 22mm (larger) widths. The 22mm version has almost identical dimensions to the Seiko C220FS (please note these are NOT genuine Seiko parts – but high quality alternatives)

IMPORTANT NOTE : we currently ship BOTH the 20mm and 22mm versions with all orders. Buy either pair and get BOTH sizes (one pair free). The reason for this is to let our customers decide which set they install. The smaller version (as shown in the main photo of the Seiko SKX009 Pepsi) is a solid fit – but EASIER to REMOVE – due to a little wiggle room of the central out tube. The larger spring bar is very snug and much harder to remove (just like the C220FS) – better suited for watch cases with drilled lug holes. In short – buy wither size and get BOTH sizes – one pair FREE.

  • TWO pairs supplied with each order – LARGE & SMALL (20mm & 22mm)
  • 2.5mm external diameter (thickness)
  • 1.1mm pip – for extra secure fixing to the case
  • Double collar
  • Extra thick – perfect for Seiko divers watches
  • Stainless Steel
  • Suits dive watches such as Seiko SKX009 / SKX007
  • Fits Seiko cases with the following model numbers 7S26-xxxx, 7002-xxxx, 6306-xxxx & 6309-xxxx

NOTE – for customers outside the UK please use our INTERNATIONAL shipping option on our eBay site. We can ship to most of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia etc.


Additional information

Width (lug to lug)

20mm, 22mm


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