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Seiko is a brand with a long history in Dive Watches. It all started way back in 1965 when they released the very first dedicated Seiko diver’s watch. A selection of Seiko dive watches for sale today. Regarded as one of the leading innovators in underwater timepieces with a fan base around the world. ChronoDivers takes a deep dive into the Seiko Dive Watch collection. A thorough review of their key functions & features. We also consider the best places to buy a pre-owned Seiko Dive Watch

An Introduction to Seiko Dive Watches

Seiko is a well-known brand that has been manufacturing high-quality watches for over a century. The company’s dive watches are renowned for their robust construction, reliability, and affordability. Seiko dive watches are favored by professional divers and enthusiasts alike for their accuracy, durability, and legibility.

1965 – Introducing the Seiko 62MAS

Seiko dive watches have a long history of excellence in water-resistant timepieces. Seiko first introduced its dive watch in 1965, the Seiko 62MAS powered by the Calibre 6217 automatic movement with 17 jewels running at 18,000bph. The 6217 movement is non-hacking and cannot be hand wound. This model is often referred to as the Seiko 62MAS-010. 62 from the Calibre 6217 and MAS from Model Automatic Selfdater > more about the history of the Seiko Dive Watch here. Since then, Seiko has continued to innovate and improve its dive watches, introducing many new features and technologies.

Lumibrite & Hardlex

One of the standout features of Seiko dive watches is the brand’s proprietary Lumibrite luminous material, which enhances the visibility of the watch’s hands and markers in low-light conditions. The Lumibrite material is eco-friendly and can be charged quickly by exposure to light. Seiko’s dive watches also feature their patented Hardlex crystal, which is highly resistant to scratches and impacts, making it an ideal material for dive watches

Unidirectional Rotating Bezel

Another feature of Seiko dive watches is their unidirectional rotating bezels, which are designed to measure elapsed time during dives. The bezel can only be rotated in one direction, counterclockwise, to prevent accidental movement that could result in an incorrect measurement of dive time. This safety feature is essential for divers who rely on their watches to track their time underwater.

Resisting Harsh Marine Conditions

Seiko dive watches also feature robust cases that are built to withstand the harsh conditions of deep sea diving. The cases are typically made of stainless steel or titanium and are designed to be both water-resistant and shock-resistant. The watches are also equipped with screw-down crowns and case backs to ensure a tight seal against water intrusion.

Seiko Dive Watch Nicknames

Seiko dive watches are available in a variety of styles and models, ranging from classic, vintage-inspired designs to modern, high-tech timepieces. It’s a brand littered with nicknames like the Seiko Tuna, Seiko Turtle and Seiko Samurai. Scroll down for more examples of Seiko Dive Watch Nicknames.

In summary, Seiko dive watches are highly regarded for their durability, accuracy, and legibility. They are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of deep sea diving and are equipped with features such as Lumibrite luminous material, unidirectional rotating bezels, and robust cases. Seiko dive watches are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable timepiece for underwater exploration.

In their own words

Seiko Prospex challenges every limit, with a collection of timepieces for sports lovers and adventure seekers whether in the water, in the sky or on land. Since launching Japan’s first diver’s watch in 1965, Seiko’s innovative technology has changed global standards. We are constantly striving to bring ever greater reliability and safety to both professional and recreational divers.

Where to BUY a Seiko Diver’s Watch

If you are looking at Seiko watches for the first time then it’s always a good idea to check the prices of specific models on Amazon first. Armed with this knowledge you are better positioned when bidding on a second hand Seiko on eBay or other platform. We have listed a few Seiko dive watches available today on Amazon. Please click the buttons below for more details or scroll down for some more examples. Thank you.

Seiko Divers on Amazon

New & Second Hand Seiko Divers

Discover a collection of Seiko dive watches on eBay today. Click the banner below to browse the latest offerings. This is a direct link to eBay with filtered results to show only Seiko diver’s watches on the eBay market today.

Browse all the Seiko Divers Watches on eBay here

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Examples Sold Recently on eBay

eBay is a great place to go to check a) the current prices of a specific watch and b) to see what the watch looks like in the “real world”. Most product photos on eBay are taken with great care to best represent the watch. You get to see what it really looks like (not a computer enhanced brochure photo). The two watches shown below were sold recently on eBay.

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Seiko Prospex Dive Watches today

Seiko’s current range of Prospex diver’s watches is huge – around 30 models in all. It covers budgets from approx £300 to well over £5,000. The Seiko Prospex dive watch range represent the pinnacle of horological build quality and innovation. The name itself stands for “Professional Specification”. For the true professional diver there is just one watch – the Seiko Prospex Tuna comes in 1000m water resistant models thanks to it’s external helium gasket. In the Japanese market (and growing worldwide) Seiko’s premium label watches hold similar status to luxury Swiss brands – especially since introducing the Spring Drive movement.

2023 Seiko Prospex Collection

We have specifically chosen a diverse selection of Seiko watches below. Everything from around £500 to over £5,000. All are certified water resistant to 200m or more – the black and bronze Seiko Tuna is rated to 1000m. The last one in this selection is the ultimate divers watch from Seiko. The Seiko Prospex SNR029 LX Line with Spring Drive movement providing a 72 hour power reserve with an amazing +/- 15 seconds per month accuracy

A selection of Dive Watches from the 2023 Seiko Prospex range

About the Seiko Movements

The Seiko dive watch range started with hand wound mechanical movements. This progressed to the automatic / self winding movements we are all familiar with. Later they developed the Seiko Kinetic movement – an innovative system that used the spinning rotor (from natural wrist movement) to charge a capacitor (like a battery). This meant the watch was really 95% electronic (quartz) – just charged mechanically. It’s a great system – accurate and reliable. The only downside is the capacitor has a finite charge cycle – somewhere around 15 – 20 years…. read on – Kinetic NO MORE

2022 – no more Seiko Kinetic Movements

Seiko have stopped production of the Kinetic movement. Entry level watches will be powered by either a Solar or Automatic movements. The most expensive models feature the GROUNDBREAKING Seiko Spring Drive technology. WOW. This is a game changer. 99% mechanical with just 1% of the watch, the regulator as such, keeping track of the time. If you want the very best of the best – it has to be a Spring Drive diver like the Seiko SNR029 from the LX Line (about £5k +)

On Amazon today – Seiko 5 Sports

Some early models discovered on eBay

eBay is a great place to research and, hopefully, buy an early example of the Seiko dive watch. Take time to research a specific model – try to gather as much provenance on the watch as you can. Most vintage Seiko sold on eBay are the genuine article, however, as with any “rare” commodity – there are some fakes and bogus models out there. Check the sellers feedback and selling history. The two watches below – an early Seiko 6105 8119 Turtle and Seiko 6309-7049 where both sold on eBay for a market appropriate value.

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The brand with the most “Nicknames”

There are a few models of the Seiko Diver that have been elevated to ICONIC status. As such, these innovative and very popular models have each been given their own pages. The standout models that most watch enthusiasts want in their collection are:

  • Seiko Tuna – the professional diver’s choice. 1000 metres water resistant with a helium gasket to protect from gaseous invasion at depth.
  • Seiko Samurai – the smart, sharp diver’s watch that looks like it’s been sliced by a warrior’s sword.
  • Seiko Monster – introduced in 2000 with the 7S26 automatic movement. The Monster dive watch is instantly recognizable by it’s sharp monster tooth like indexes and aggressively styles bezel
  • Seiko Turtle – smooth, cushion like case worn by the fictional Captain Willard in Apocalypse Now.
  • Seiko SKX009 – aka the Seiko Pepsi. One of the most popular dive watches of all time. Originally certified to 150 metres and later increasing to 200 metres water resistancy.
  • Seiko SKX007 – same family as the SKX009 but this one with an all black dial and bezel. 7S26 bomb proof automatic movement

Seiko Samurai

The Seiko Samurai is a diver’s watch with sharp beveled lugs that look as if they’ve been cut with a warrior’s sword. From the ever popular range of Seiko diver’s watches the Samurai is viewed by many as the best all rounder – equally at home on a diver’s wrist as in the boardroom.

The Samurai is one of the most eye catching and dramatic designs of all the Seiko divers watches. The distinctive bevelled lugs give the “Seiko Samurai” it’s nickname. Samurai covers several models incorporating the iconic angular design. The now famous hard edged case shape was first introduced in 2004. More about the Seiko Samurai dive watch

The Seiko Samurai Divers Watch

Seiko SKX007 & SKX009 Pepsi

Of all the Seiko dive watches that have ever graced our wrists & oceans – the Seiko SKX007 and Seiko SKX009 are two of the most popular. This short history of the SKX009 Pepsi and SKX007 tells us they were first introduced in 1996. At the time no one could have predicted their success and longevity. All models incorporated the Seiko 7S26 automatic (self winding) movement. Older models can be identified by their 150m water resistancy, newer ones were certified to a depth of 200m.

The Seiko SKX007 and SKX009 divers watch range

The SKX009K1 on Amazon today

Seiko Turtle

The Seiko Turtle is an iconic diver’s watch made famous by the Apocalypse Now movie. From the ever popular range of Seiko dive watches this is the one with the smooth, cushion like case. Initially released in 1976, the original Turtle (Seiko 6306 & 6309) was in production from 1976 until 1988. More about the Seiko Turtle dive watch

The Seiko Turtle Diver's Watch

Seiko Tuna

Of all the Seiko Diving watches the Tuna is the first choice for many professional divers. It’s ongoing popularity lies in the depth this watch can withstand. The Seiko Tuna range (that’s a nickname – not an official Seiko nomenclature) is a PROFESSIONAL diver’s watch capable of withstanding the pressure from depths of 1000 metres. More about the Seiko Tuna dive watch.

The Seiko Tuna Divers Watch

Seiko Monster

The Seiko Monster dive watch is so called because, allegedly, the shape of the bezel was inspired by a shark’s teeth. The Monster has the most aggressive design making it instantly recognizable. First introduced in 2000 in Japan with the Seiko SKX779 (black dial) and Seiko SKX781 (orange dial). More about the Seiko Monster dive watch.

Seiko Monster Dive Watch

Global Following and a Massive Fan Club

When you buy a Seiko Diver’s watch …. beware …. it’s contagious. I have to admit to owning five. There’s something about their history, iconic styling and innovative design that makes you want to keep coming back for another. The catalyst in many collections is the Seiko SKX009 or Seiko Pepsi as it’s often referred to. ChronoDivers is all about introducing visitors to the best dive watches – you can’t go wrong starting with a Seiko.

If you want to learn more about Seiko watches in general then have a look at some of the GROUPS on Facebook. Most are well managed and used as a place to educate, buy & sell and – most of the time – show off

The Seiko SKX007K1 on Amazon

Seiko Dive Watch FAQ’s

Which is the best Seiko dive watch?

That’s a question that needs further definition. If by best we are referring to the one that a professional deep diving expert would want to wear – then it has to be a variant of the Seiko Tuna. The Seiko Tuna Marinemaster SBBN013 and SBDX011 would be up there at 1000m water resistant.

If best means the most expensive -then consider a Seiko Spring Drive model such as the Grand Seiko SBGA229 at over £5,000 / $6,500.

Finally, if best defines the Seiko watch that offers the best value for money combined with accuracy and water resistant rating – that could be one of many. ChronoDivers would recommend something along the lines of the Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPC93 or the Solar powered Seiko Prospex PADI SNE435P1. Being brutally honest – sorry competitor brands – but let’s face it, they are all excellent!

Do Seiko watches hold their value?

Generally a Seiko will depreciate over time – a slow depreciation until it reaches about 50-75% of it’s original value. For a regular, freely available models this is normal behaviour. Don’t buy one as an investment. As with other Swiss luxury brands the more expensive models ebb in and out of popularity with collectors. Buy at the wrong time, when prices are at a premium, and you could lose hundreds.

There are always exceptions to this rule. Presently, vintage Grand Seiko (Hi Beat) watches are selling for several times their original value. At the time they were brand new they weren’t given the respect they deserved. Find a good clean Seiko Diver Professional Hi-Beat Automatic 6159-7001 for less than £5,000 / $6,000 and you’ve done well.

Are Seiko dive watches any good?

Absolutely – even their cheapest entry level diver’s watch is good enough for a scuba-diver to wear day in and day out. They simply don’t make a watch that’s not worthy of the title “Diver’s Watch”. Just one word of warning. If you really want to DIVE with your watch – avoid the Seiko 5 models – these are only water resistant to 100m

The Best Seiko SKX Homage – just £99

We’d all love to own the watch of our dreams – and it’s great to aspire to owning a Rolex Submariner or a Bell & Ross Diver. But we all know, this watch collecting hobby gets expensive. We often see original Made in Japan Seiko Pepsi sells for TWICE their original retail price.

That’s why ChronoDivers are fans of tribute watches. Good quality homages to watches we’d all love to own. If high end homage watches is of interest to you we have our own ChronoDivers CD200SKX. There is no doubting the DNA of our design – it’s a true Seiko SKX Pepsi homage – right down to the movement inside – STI (Seiko) NH35A. Not only this but it also features a sapphire crystal, ceramic bezel (the all black version) and super bright C3 lume on hands and dial indexes – all this for just £99

Modified or Original Condition – we love them all

Watch collectors are not just looking for pristine condition, full set, box & paper Seiko dive watches. They love the all original watches that have the battle scars to prove a life of use and timekeeping for one lucky owner. The buzz word here is PATINA. A Seiko SKX009 with a well worn patina can sell for more than a brand new condition watch.

Examples of MODIFIED Seiko Dive watches – mostly SKX donors

Those who know how take a donor watch and give it a twist – maybe a domed sapphire crystal, or a set of “Mercedes” hands or a “MarineMaster 300m” dial – or sometime ALL OF THE ABOVE. As long as the buyer is aware of the modification and not buying something they believe to be the real deal – it’s fine. Just be careful – there are some sellers who replace just the dial with a “Made in Japan” or “Save the Ocean” and attempt to pass it off as the genuine article. If in doubt – walk away and buy somewhere else.

Four examples of modified Seiko divers watches you might find on eBay today

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