Best Value Divers Watches (under £200) – 2024

Best Value Divers Watches (under £200) – 2023
Orient Watches – Japanese Quality Assurance
Invicta Dive Watch range reviewed by ChronoDivers
Invicta – Superb Value for Money Dive Watches
The Citizen Promaster Dive Watch Collection
Citizen – IS6425 Certified Divers

If you are in the market for a sub £100 water resistant watch that can be worn day in, day out then please consider the ChronoDivers brand. Visit the STORE here for more details on our best value for money dive watches. However, we’re big enough to realise that some visitors would rather go with an established brand like Invicta, Orient, Citizen or Casio.

The team at Chronodivers has meticulously chosen these dive watches, embodying a perfect blend of quality and affordability. Designed for budget-conscious shoppers in search of a reliable 200m water-resistant diving watch, these timepieces offer exceptional value for money. As of the latest update, all featured watches are priced under £200 / $200. Explore our top picks for the Best Affordable Divers Watch of 2024 below.

New versus Second Hand Dive Watch

With a budget of approximately £200, finding a quality daily wear dive watch for activities like car washing and swimming is crucial. The dilemma arises: should you opt for a more affordable, new watch from a less recognized brand, or consider a pre-owned timepiece from a reputable brand?

Rather than choosing a second-hand diver’s watch with an uncertain history, consider the alternative of acquiring a brand-new dive watch. This watch not only comes with a guarantee of being water-resistant up to 200 meters but also ensures accurate timekeeping for many years ahead. Continue reading to discover our selection of the Best Value Dive Watches of 2024.

200 Metres Water Resistant

Crucially, every watch featured here boasts a water resistance rating of 200 meters, meeting the foundational criterion for a recreational diver’s watch. Each timepiece has garnered an impressive average review score of 4/5 stars or higher on Amazon, backed by over 1,000 authentic user reviews. By choosing one of these watches, you’re conveying a clear message – an appreciation for high-quality timepieces without the need to invest in a luxury Swiss brand commanding a hefty price tag, or taking a chance on a 25-year-old “Feiko SKX009.”

#1 Invicta Pro-Diver – Best Seller

No 2 on our list is this Invicta Pro-Diver 200m with self winding automatic movement and an attractive glass display caseback. One of the oldest watch brands listed on ChronoDivers. The Invicta brand has a long history of watch making going back to 1837. Some of their range are officially certified as “SWISS MADE” featuring a high quality ETA Quartz movement. The best selling Invicta Pro Diver on Amazon has over 17,000 reviews! For that reason it’s the first place we’d recommend customers start their online search for the best prices on this affordable divers’ watch.

This watch is the perfect entry level dive watch for a real-world user hoping to take it on a journey under the waves. The majority of the range are powered by reliable Japanese movements made by TMI and SII. One thing they all have in common – great value for money.

Invicta Watches on Amazon 🛒

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#2 Orient Diver – excellent value

Orient is a brand that everyone should consider when shopping for a value for money, entry level divers watch. The Orient Watch Company have been around since 1951. Currently owned by Seiko Epson assuring the customer of Japanese quality at an everyday affordable price. Orient have an amazing presence on Amazon with their best sellers topping 3,500 reviews.

The most popular Mako model is available in Mako I, Mako II and now the Orient Mako III. Think about this for a moment – a quality stainless steel dive watch powered by an automatic, self winding Japanese mechanical movement – most models for less than £200! That’s why it’s No 3 in our VALUE for MONEY dive watch awards for entry level dive watches.

Orient Watches on Amazon 🛒

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#3 Citizen – Seiko Alternative

Sitting at a very honourable No 4 in our best value dive watch list is another Japanese timepiece – this time from Citizen. We couldn’t have a TOP 5 DIVE WATCHES without at least one Citizen. I know how good these are as I have one in my own personal dive watch collection. It’s always worth checking the best prices of these watches on Amazon before looking on eBay or other auction sites for a used model.

It’s hard to choose which of the many Citizen Promaster Dive watches to include here but I’ve gone with the BN0151-28E for it’s clean lines, 200m water resistancy and unusual 4 o’clock crown. This model is extremely popular with sports divers – it’s even fully ISO 6425 compliant – what more could you want for under £200!

Citizen Watches on Amazon 🛒

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#4 Casio WR200m – under £75!

An affordable divers watch from Casio - this is the Casio WR200m. Click link for Amazon PRICE CHECK

At No 4 is the Casio WR200m – how could we leave this watch off our list of the best value for money dive watches. This is a hugely popular sports / divers watch with over 25,000 4+ star reviews on Amazon. Rubber traditional divers strap with a nice clean black face with luminous hour markers. Unlike the other models listed here – this one is QUARTZ making it a little cheaper than the others. Quartz watches (battery powered) are more accurate than a mechanical watch.

Casio Duro on Amazon

This could easily be the No1 Value for Money diver’s watch on the planet. If it was automatic (self winding) and not quartz it would be at the top of our list. There’s nothing wrong with quartz (battery) – they offer excellent time-keeping and generally need a new battery every 2 or 3 years. For such a low price – what’s stopping you?

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ChronoDivers Dive Watch Collection

ChronoDivers aim was to produce a range of affordable dive watches encompassing quality and value for money. Every one of the ChronoDivers diver’s watches is powered by the bomb proof, super reliable Seiko NH35A automatic movement. They all includes features only normally found in more expensive brands like Sapphire crystals and 316L marine grade stainless cases with screwdown caseback and crowns. All ChronoDivers watches feature C3 lume on watch hands and all but the CD200SKX9 (Pepsi) feature Ceramic bezels. All this from JUST £99 – how? Because we sell DIRECT to the customer.